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Joel T. Jordan

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Joel T. Jordan, Founder/CEO Synchtank [www.synchtank.com] Joel T. Jordan is the founder and CEO of Synchtank, a London, NYC and Los Angeles based software company that creates powerful cloud software to help rights holders maximize revenue, improve catalog management, and efficiently organize licensing and synchronization processes. Synchtank has over 100 clients across 5 continents, from top music publishers and record labels, to composers, distributors, managers, advertising agencies, film and TV production companies, and more, supporting some of the best-known catalogs and largest brands in the world. Over 25 years ago, Joel started a well-known punk and hardcore label, Watermark, with his identical twin brother, releasing 7″ records out of his parents’ South Jersey basement. This later developed into a diversified master catalog and a prolific joint venture publishing company with Rykomusic. Today he continues to enthusiastically sign new artists to his publishing company, and runs his popular digital and vinyl-only indie labels. Joel still firmly sticks to the DIY ethos of his early years by enabling content creators and owners to be entirely self-reliant in the management, licensing and exploitation of their catalogs.  

joel@synchtank.com | synchblog.com | synchtank.com | @synchtank

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