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Ken Balog

hoopla digital by Midwest Tape
VP Digital Content Acquisition
Glen Allen, Virginia
Ken Balog is the Director of Digital Content Acquisition for hoopla digital. Ken has over 20 years of global digital media experience, and has negotiated and secured key global licensing agreements with major and secondary music labels, movie and TV studios and book publishers such as Universal Music, Warner Music, Ingrooves, eOne, Universal Pictures, Disney, Paramount, Sony, MGM, National Geographic, STARZ, and DC Comics, to name a few. Since assuming his role in 2011, Ken has empowered the evolution of public libraries with access to dynamic mobile content and gained new recognition for the library market as a “big retailer ” for small and large content vendors.

Prior to hoopla, Balog was President of ActiveGroup Ventures, and has been in the streaming media business since the mid-1990’s when he put together the first non-radio station distribution deal with Mark Cuban and AudioNet/Broadcast.com (n.k.a.: Yahoo! Broadcasting). Since that time, Ken has launched or helped launch several streaming solutions. Ken also serves on the board of AVOZ Entertainment. He holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from The Ohio State University‘s Max M. Fisher College of Business.

hoopla digital is a digital media platform from Midwest Tape LLC. (MWT). MWT is a 26 year old, $160M+ company based in Ohio and is the leading provider of physical DVDs and CDs to public libraries in North America. MWT launched hoopla digital on July 1, 2013 and since that time the service has grown more than 4,000%. Currently labels such as Universal Music, Warner Music/WEA, INgrooves, eOne, Oasis, Mailbox Records, Smith Music Group, Alligator Records, Rooftop Comedy, and Altavoz entertainment, to name a few offer their albums via hoopla. These labels have realized the value in reaching more than 200 million consumers via the more than 20,000 library branches can bring. Contact Ken to learn more.
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