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Scott Gunter

Durango Artist & ScoGun LLC
Nashville Tennessee.
Management, A&R, publishing and Administrative oversight for masters and publishing-Set up co-writes, songwriter development, also oversight of all online services for masters and publishing with uploading and collections/cashflow of Soundexchange, Tunecore, Youtube, HFA, PRO's, etc.
Sunday, May 15

9:00pm CDT

Monday, May 16

9:00am CDT

9:15am CDT

9:50am CDT

10:45am CDT

11:45am CDT

1:00pm CDT

1:15pm CDT

1:50pm CDT

2:10pm CDT

2:55pm CDT

9:00pm CDT

Tuesday, May 17

10:45am CDT

11:00am CDT

11:30am CDT

12:35pm CDT

2:00pm CDT

3:00pm CDT

4:00pm CDT

4:30pm CDT

5:00pm CDT

Wednesday, May 18

9:00am CDT

9:25am CDT

10:20am CDT

11:15am CDT

2:15pm CDT

2:35pm CDT

3:05pm CDT

3:30pm CDT

4:05pm CDT

5:00pm CDT